Working as an intern in Scope’s campaigns team

Today marks my third week working as an intern in Scope’s campaigns team. They haven’t fired me yet, so I figure I must be doing something right! I’ll be working here part-time for the next three months, and I already feel like I’m setting in nicely.

I’ve just moved back home from university, and will finish my MA in Political Theory at the end of August when I submit my dissertation. If you ever want someone to ramble at you about social construction, implicit bias and stereotypes against marginalised groups, I am definitely your girl. This position was my first interview post-university, so naturally I’m thrilled to have the job, and I’m hoping that this marks the start of a fulfilling career in the campaigning charity sector.

This is my first office job, and all the trimmings of office life seem very novel and exciting to me – my own desk with a little stationery pot, the ever-flowing tea and coffee and even my own work email account. But Scope isn’t just any office. Here, there’s a definite sense of people working together for a common goal that is larger and more important than simply turning over a profit.

As a disabled person, it’s also pretty nice to find myself in an environment where disability is unremarkable, where the gleam of wheels or the sight of snoozing service animals is present and perfectly ordinary. It’s nice to know that no one will bat an eyelid when I get my insulin out at lunch or take my medication with my tea in the afternoon.

I’m having a great time. I’m learning loads about the way a campaigning organisation works, and I’m working with great people who value my input and include me in their work. I have a sneaking suspicion that the next three months are going to fly by.

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