Cambridgeshire consultation with young people

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Liam is an Orchard Manor representative on the newly founded Cambridgeshire County Council’s (CCC) Transitions Partnership Board. The Board is a group of representatives from health, social care, young people’s services and the voluntary sector whose focus is to enable young people from the age of 14 – 25 to move successfully into the adult world by listening to their opinions and wishes for the future.

A consultation event (YIPPEE) hosted at Papworth Trust recently, was an opportunity for three of the new Orchard Manor representatives to meet up with representatives from different organisations. The day included consultation on the Cambridgeshire County Council’s draft SEN (special educational needs) paper, around the single assessment. The young people also discussed how they would prefer to make choices.

The YIPPEE event enabled the young people to vote on three topics they would like the Transition Board to consider during the upcoming year. These were communication and equipment, better work experience and leisure and transport. These topics greatly affect the lives of the young people at Orchard Manor and their input into these discussions will be invaluable so this is a great opportunity for them.

We look forward to hearing more about the work of the Board in upcoming months and will keep you informed on how the young people at Orchard Manor are influencing these decision makers.