Look, Smile, Chat

Hello, my name is Lucy. I’m the Head of Young People’s participation at the National Deaf Children’s Society. I’ve been asked by Scope to tell you about our exciting new campaign called Look, Smile, Chat.

We want to make it easier for deaf teenagers to interact with their hearing classmates and create a sense of common understanding. Look, Smile, Chat aims to ease the social isolation experienced by some deaf teenagers by putting hearing teenagers in the shoes of their deaf classmates and giving them simple steps to make communicating easy.

We’ve created free resources, including short films, lesson plans and posters for professionals working with young people to raise awareness of the challenges facing deaf teenagers and we would love your support to promote them. We’re asking for your help to tell teachers, social workers and other professionals about the campaign and how they can help to improve the lives of the UK’s 45,000 deaf children using our online resources.

For further information and to access the free resources, go to the Look, Smile, Chat website.

by Lucy Read, National Deaf Children’s Society