Annual sports day at Orchard Manor

Orchard Manor sports day

Flat 2 were the team winners at Orchard Manor’s Annual Sports Day last week. The event was part of a themed Sports and Science Week this year, which proved very successful and interesting for everyone involved.

As in previous years, sports day at Orchard Manor was a great success. It is now a much anticipated annual event that both staff and the young people enjoy.

Following a fun, science-filled week, the sun shone on sports day making the home-made ice creams during the breaks very much needed and enjoyed by everyone.

With nine events in total, the teams competed against each other in a variety of activities from a sensory star hunt, which involved delving deep in wobbly jelly and slimy spaghetti, to joining together as a whole team to complete a relay lap of the Meldreth grounds in the fastest time, as well as volleyball, football and cycling.

All competitors in the games came away with a medal, sticking with the Olympic theme.

However, this year’s champions were Flat 2, now proudly in possession of the Orchard Manor sports day trophy, which is to be engraved with their name and stay within the flat until next year when they will be offered the chance to compete to win again.

Thanks to staff and volunteers for their support in this event, which helped make it a success, and the creative teamwork of the therapists and skills staff in coming up with some great events!