Extract from GASP

GASP was the sixth collaboration between Bedford-based professional theatre company Full House and young disabled actors from Bedford and District Cerebral Palsy Society.

Young disabled actor

Here is a short extract from their work:


Through rounded glass and waters blue

You see me and I see you.

You look in and I look out

You tap the glass, I dart about.

And swim and swim in circles here

Familiar waters safe and near

But on occasions I dare to dream

Of a babbling brook, a bubbling stream

Where beyond your watch I’d be

But might learn out there to swim free.

New waters deep and dark to swim

Where a new kind of journey might begin

New places, different possibilities

The rushing river, the endless seas

And though I am safe here my bowl inside

That big wide world from which I hide

If I am to swim the way I could

I must leave this sphere of glass for good

So one day soon the time will be

When you will have to set me free

And finally from your gentle grasp

I’ll wriggle free, I’ll jump and gasp…

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