Orchard Manor helps promote nature, food and farming

Orchard Manor student

Sixty farmers, SEN teachers, group leaders and care home managers gathered on 4 July 2012 for an inspiring Let Nature Feed Your Senses conference at Southfields Farm, Coleshill, near Birmingham. The purpose of this, the third national conference, was to share learning and understand the impacts of the sensory farm visits that have been hosted for over 10,000 visitors over the last three years across the network of 75 farms.

Tracey Demartino, Orchard Manor Skills Tutor, has been working closely with Liz Nottage from Russell-Smith Farm in Duxford over the past two years and presented the Orchard Manor story at the conference.

Find out more about the conference and view Tracey’s presentation with photos of Orchard Manor residents participating in the farm programme.