Orchard Manor transformed into Hogwarts!

Hogwarts week at Orchard Manor

This year for Halloween we decided to try something a little bit different by turning Orchard Manor into Hogwarts for the week! The week-long events proved a huge success for both residents and staff.

Monday began with an official sorting ceremony. The new Hogwarts ‘students’ were sorted into their houses for the week. These were randomly assigned groups, which offered a great chance to socialise with people from different groups and flats.

Young people could earn ‘house points’ by working hard and winning games and competitions between the houses. The house teams became very competitive as the week went on! Fancy dress was encouraged and everybody made their own Hogwarts cloaks and ties, decorated in their house colours, which they wore for the whole week.

Monday afternoon included a visit from Shepreth Wildlife with a very special guest – Alba the Owl! Abla’s carer talked a little about how they care for her and what she can do, before demonstrating her flying – right past our faces! We would like to say a big thank you to Shepreth Wildlife Park for giving up their time to bring Alba here and an equally big thank you to everyone who brought in donations for the park. This visit was the highlight of the week for many! But the excitement continued throughout the week as the young people participated in Hogwarts-themed sessions on Tuesday with Care of Magical Creatures, Divination, Transfiguration and Quiddich!

On Wednesday the groups arrived to find a taped outline of a body and police tape – Dumbledore had been killed! The skills sessions turned to CSI-type investigations mixed with Cluedo, leading to accusations on Thursday morning and our Physiotherapist being led away for this crime!

This week was fantastic fun and a resounding success for both staff and residents who have thrown themselves enthusiastically into the magical world of Harry Potter.