Our Generation – let blogging commence!

People working at laptops

A group of volunteer mentors and befrienders came together this week to learn the art of blogging so that they can contribute on a regular basis to the Our Generation blog and create their own personal blogs if they want to.

Here is a summary of the workshop from one of the participants:

“We had a wide range of skills between us – from those who are already blogging regularly but wanted more skills to those who have little or no experience of using a computer on a regular basis but it didn’t matter we all chipped in and helped each other.

“We started the morning with coffee and a chat about how we can use this blog to reach more people and share news on how we are progressing and what actually constitutes a good blog. Then we got down to the practical and very soon we were all blogging away!

“We learnt in a very hands on way with everyone having access to a computer to practice and learn the skills. Penny led the group and projected her blog onto a large screen so that we could all follow the step-by-step instructions and it also gave her a chance to show us her holiday snaps!

“After the training we were all inspired and raring to go – was it a good learning experience – watch this space!”

“We used the afternoon to look at the new befriending training module and feedback on the content – more about that next time!”

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