Abseiling for Scope

Guest post from Emma Goddard who is a Life Skills Tutor at Scope’s Roman House

I’m not sure if I am going abseiling as I have turned into a bit of a blog tart and wanted something exciting to write about..!

So, I’m in the office, Thursday afternoon, ticked off most of my to do list, and was caught staring into the middle distance, when Simon Pugsley glides into the room and announces that he is going to abseil down the side of Basingstoke Hospital for Scope, Roman House and Shop Mobility, who have organised this challenge. Now, as a side issue, over the Christmas break, I have been religiously listening to Paul McKenna ‘I can make you confident CD’  In it he says, you can do anything, imagine a day when everything goes perfectly etc etc, challenge yourself, I was thinking more upon the lines of learning to use the office scanner, but no, my inner mind has decided that it would be more attention seeking to jump of six floors with my extremely large arse.

Yes I pipe up, I can do that, and secretly pray that the fundraising admin will be so complex that I can wriggle out of it. Nope, thanks Fundraising team, you have made it really simple, thanks… thanks a bunch!

It’s all kicking off at Basingstoke Hospital, 10 February 2013, 10 am onwards.

Second thoughts?

So, last night, tucked up in bed, winceyette nightie on, (floor length, long sleeves) (no jokes, really own one, can’t beat it!) And I’m thinking, what to wear on Sunday for my abseil jump. I have had lots of helpful tips, no skirts, no dangly necklace, lest I hang myself, no flares, and the most helpful comment, if you do fall off, your only a hop, skip and a jump from A&E. I can’t tell you have grateful I am that Scope doesn’t have a cuddly mascot, the very thought of jumping off a building as a teddy with a bad eye… well, words fail me.

But, do you know, it’s going to be worth it. Customers at Scope, Roman House, have to face challenges that society throws at them daily. Accessing the community, getting people to see through the disability and see the potential within. It’s the assumption that is associated with disabilities, that they can’t do, won’t do and never will.

Well, I’ll let you into a secret, customers at Scope, Roman House, CAN do, WANT to do, and WILL do it, and I for one feel very privileged to share their journey.

Please sponsor our abseil!