Training gets under way

Guest post from Pippa Robson who is Project Co-ordinator for Scope’s Our Generation project.

February saw the start of the first Our Generation Mentoring and Befriending training course, held at our office in Wakefield. As a relatively new member of staff, I was looking forward to seeing the training being delivered and finding out more about the participants.

I was pleased to see four new potential mentors arrive for their first session (and quite delighted that they all came back for the second one!). There is a lot to learn on the course but the variety of methods – lots of discussions and activities – keeps it interesting. Before long our new group will be trained up and ready to match, which is good news as referrals for people needing support are continuing to arrive every week.

In other project news, we had the second steering group, which generated lots of useful ideas. In particular, we are getting an ‘afternoon group’ up and running, which will take place every Monday from the end of March onwards. This group will be open to mentors and mentees, and will offer opportunties to share skills and interests. It will also offer a chance for people who might otherwise be isolated to get out and about and meet new people. We also agreed at the steering group to run a course in Pontefract – more details to follow.

Of course, the blog should really reflect the voice of the people who are engaged in Our Generation, so I’ll be handing over to the mentors next time…!