Tell us your Scope shopping habits

With nearly 250 charity shops across the nation and new shops scheduled to open throughout the year, Scope’s retail chain is thriving.

Scope’s shops raise vital money for our work with disabled people and their families, as well as providing a visible presence on high streets across the nation. Our shops are a hub for local communities and offer bargains to shoppers, as well as giving volunteers an opportunity to gain new skills and experience.

Charity shopping habits

When it comes to our shops, it’s the stories from our customers, volunteers and staff that really spark people’s interest and that journalists want to hear about.

Over the coming weeks we’re particularly keen to hear more about your shopping habits as well as your views on charity shops in general and find out if you’re interested in getting involved with our media work in this area?

One habit we’re looking to explore is whether you have ever been guilty of buying brand-new clothes from the high street, but then never wearing these clothes outside of your home. Are they clogging up space in your wardrobe with the tags left on? We would love to know why you bought these clothes in the first place and we would also like to know why you never wore them. Were you following a fashion trend at the time, or did you buy the garments to slim into, but never reached your ideal weight?

Changing attitudes to charity shops

Another issue that always sparks our interest is people’s attitudes towards charity shops and whether public attitudes have changed over the years.

If you are a recent convert to charity shops we would love to hear from you and find out why you now shop in them. Maybe it’s the bargains, or maybe you’ve developed a new and unique style thanks to the wide range of clothes available in charity shops these days.

If you would like to share your views and experiences here and potentially help with future media work please contact Media officer, Katie Adams at or call 020 7619 7730.

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