What’s in your wardrobe?

Guest post from Katie Adams, Media and Public Relations Officer at Scope.

” I just wasn’t quite Liberace enough to wear them”

If you enjoy shopping, there’s a very good chance you have a wardrobe full of clothes you’ll never actually wear!

Losing weight, following a crazy fashion trend and listening to the advice of others. These are just some of the reasons we buy ourselves new clothes, but then never actually debut them in public.

A nation of secret hoarders

Later this month, we will release the surprising results of a poll into people’s shopping habits, exposing large numbers of us as secret hoarders.

Most of the men and women quizzed as part of the poll admitted buying new clothes and then just leaving them to sit in their wardrobes, with both sexes being exposed as frequent impulse shoppers.

One month, one million items

The polling will support a celebrity-backed bid to collect 1,000,000 donations at our shops throughout July. Actress Lynda Bellingham is supporting our Scope’s Great Donate – one month, one million items challenge and urging people to think about what they could donate from their own closets.

We have already been busy talking to shoppers about their reasons for hoarding clothes and we want to know what you’re hiding in your own closets.

Here’s what you’ve been telling us so far:

Craig Evry, 34, from Oxford said: “I think men are just as bad as women when it comes to shopping and we all buy clothes for the wrong reasons. I remember buying a David Beckham-style sarong in a moment of madness once – I wore it once, but needless to say it never saw the light of day again.”

Shed Simove, lives in London where he works as a performer, author & entrepreneur. He said: “I once had a suit made out of some black fur I bought at a Chinese market. The suit was beautifully cut, but when I got home and I put it on for my family, they couldn’t stop laughing. I looked like some sort of bear or gorilla. It’s such a lovely suit that I can’t bear (ahem) to part with it, so it’s just sitting in my wardrobe and hasn’t been worn since.”

Shed said he also bought a pair of pink sequinned Patrick Cox shoes which have since ended up as stunning ‘shelf art’. He explained: “I’d previously owned some black versions in the exact same design, which I adored and wore all the time. The pink ones captured my imagination when I saw them, but in the cold light of day, I just wasn’t quite Liberace enough to wear them.”

Mother Adele McIntosh, 39, had a disastrous personal-shopping experience at a big high-street chain after having her twin daughters and wanting to revamp her image.
She said: “Unfortunately for me I found myself going with the flow and ended up buying a tiny crop top and red mini skirt that I never ended up wearing.
“It’s so easy to get carried away when you’re shopping, forgetting about what you’d actually wear in your everyday life – rather than what you like in the changing room.”

Whatever the reason for your shopping mistakes, we want to hear your stories.

Email me at katie.adams@scope.org.uk, tweet us using #GreatDonate to @scope or contact us through Facebook with pictures of clothes you have bought but never worn and the reasons behind your hoarding.