Loud voices welcome!

Have you ever thought about spending a day cheering on Team Scope event participants? That’s exactly what Thomas, 19, did last weekend when he supported our 230 London to Paris 24 cyclists as they departed from Blackheath, London.

Thomas Volunteering at L2P24“I had a really nice time today watching the cyclists at the starting line in Blackheath. We came along to cheer them on. There were hundreds of bikes! I shouted ‘you can do it!’ and ‘keep going’ after we counted down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 go!  We had fun and it was great because it was a sunny day.

We met Rachael, a Scope trustee who gave a speech. We met Sarah, Emily, Alan and Tom from Scope. There were a lot of people who were there raising money.

I think I was the loudest cheerer. At the end I said, ‘phew, I really, really need a drink now. Wasn’t that good’.

I’m looking forward to volunteering in Bexleyheath Scope shop on Sunday. I’m going to tell all my friends there about the Scope cheering.”

It’s lovely to hear how much Thomas enjoyed his day. The London to Paris 24 2013 event has already raised nearly £300,000 for Scope’s vital work and the money is still coming in! We have lots of events coming up over the next few weeks and months including the Virgin Active London Triathlon and the first ever Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 – we would love you’re help to make them as great as possible for our supporters. All you need to bring is energy, enthusiasm and the ability to make lots of noise! If you would like to get involved and volunteer then please do email us at events@scope.org.uk or call 0207 619 7270.