Why Walk When You Can Fly

Guest post from filmmaker Ray Wong who has recently released a documentary about Nathan Doidge, a man with cerebral palsy who qualifies as a pilot. We asked Ray to tell us more about the film:

I’ve known Nathan for around 10 years. About 5 years ago, after a night out on the tiles, he mentioned to me that he was going to learn to fly.

I was completely puzzled. My first thought was “how would that work?” I knew at that moment that I had to film Nathan learning to fly. Nathan generously agreed to be filmed and so began my journey into Nathan’s mind and what drove him to do such things.

I always knew that I wanted the film to start with Nathan in the cockpit of a plane, preparing himself for a solo flight. I liked the thought of that image at the start. The rest of the film would then explain what motivated him to get there.

I was ashamed to say that I didn’t know much about cerebral palsy. In a way, my ignorance was helpful because it allowed me to ask questions that most people were probably scared to ask. Ultimately though the film is about so much more than cerebral palsy – it is about Nathan’s spirit, the love, devotion, and support his parents gave him, and the fact that they instilled in him the fact that he could do anything he wanted, it may just take him a longer, that’s all.

I feel very privileged to have been allowed access to Nathan’s life so that I could make a film that, I hope, has done justice to his character. Obviously, Nathan is so much more than a filmic portrait – he is an inspiration and one of a kind. I hope after watching that you agree

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