Inspiring women to follow on Twitter

On Tuesday we asked:

We had a fantastic response. Thank you to everyone who got in touch with their favourites. We’ve passed these on to the journalist so maybe we’ll get to see one of them featured in the magazine, we’ll let you know!

Here are all of the great suggestions we received:

@suey2y – Passionate Leftie & Health Warrior. Writer. Will tweet about politics, welfare, & disability disgraces A LOT. Also loves Elvis & Jammy Dodgers

  • “In spite of an illness that is painful and debilitating she writes and speaks for the disabled.” Vicky
  • “What a woman” – Charlotte
  • “The obvious one” – Penelope

@Bendygirl – Life in a broken bureaucracy with a bendy and borked body.

  • “Without a doubt” – André

@EverydayAbleism – Highlighting the everyday experiences that can come with disability, MH, illness.

  • “Giving a voice to disabled people 🙂 ” – Isla

@bmdonna – Have EDS as do my children. I am passionate about services for people with EDS. EDS = Validate, educate before you can rehabilitate anyone

  • “without you the HMSA would fall to pieces, the charity helps so many” – M

@janeccolby – Run The Young ME Sufferers Trust, was headteacher. Had severe ME from polio-type virus but can play golf now, even with my handicap.

  • “she has been a lifeline for us” – 625elf

@halfabear – Fierce ginger.

@fibro_girl – Fibromite, thrifty foodie, disability rights campaigner, friend, chatty passionate about many things.

@ZaraBain – Philosophy teacher/advocate. Yoga enthusiast. ME/CFS Warrior.

@SchizophrenicGB – Writing under a pen name as the stigma of schizophrenia still scares me.

@IslaBoag – PhD research student at the University of Strathclyde & librarian. Radical opinion-haver.

@stickmancrips – Cartoonist, Creator of Stickman Communications.


Have we missed someone? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list.