How do we know it’s working


These are the big campaign successes we’re looking for:

Political success

The May 2015 election:

  • Political party manifestos for the 2015 General Election have a clear commitment to improve disabled people’s living standards
  • Each party adopts specific policies that increase disabled people’s living standards
  • Broad commitments are in each party manifesto, and they’re appropriately worded and framed

Any coalition negotiations

  • Increasing disabled people’s living standards is a priority area
  • Incorporates manifesto commitments and priorities
  • Agreement contains specific commitments to increasing disabled people’s living standards

The next Government

  • Prioritise the implementation of improving disabled people’s living standards
  • Replace the disability strategy and Disability Action Alliance
  • Revise the role of Minister for Disabled people and Office for Disability issues.

Public success

More people involved in campaigning:

  • Bigger and more engaged public support for campaign issues, including a greater number of Scope supporters
  • Young people have greater capacity to campaign for the type of society they want to live in

The May 2015 election:

  • Raised consistently at local level with candidates, in particular in swing seats
  • Polling shows the issue of disabled people’s living standards increasing in importance for voters, especially young voters
  • Disabled people’s living standards becomes more of a key issue in the media and political debate during the election campaign, for example, questions asked during leaders debate
  • Young people play a key role in working with the government to help shape government’s implementation of policies.

Change in attitudes and public debate:

  • Negative attitudes towards disabled people are challenged through greater understanding and connection between disabled and non-disabled people
  • Increasing living standards of disabled people becomes a new narrative in public debate, shifting attitudes towards disabled people

What do you think?

These milestones are still quite big – how can we know if we’re on the way to achieving these?