How to achieve maximum visibility for your campaign

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Esra’a Al Shafei is a Digital youth activist and Director of and

For a campaign to receive the maximum potential for visibility, it has to be unique in its approach and creativity. It is difficult to get people to be responsive about a campaign that is neither accessible nor engaging. The more a user can interact with the details, the more informed they will be about the subject and greater the likelihood that they’ll share it or feel stronger about the cause.

Campaigns are most effective when they make facts noticeable in a very thorough and responsive interface. Examples of these could include interactive infographics, the gamification of factual information, as well as animated short videos. These have higher potential for virality which in turn could rally more people around the cause.

A successful campaign is dependent upon thorough research, as many people who’d potentially support a cause simply don’t have the time or resources to seek out the facts behind certain issues. Because their primary goal is as an educational tool, campaigns should have a base of solid factual validity in order to avoid detractors and undermining, and to establish a strong and trusting relationship with users and sharers.

A campaign is most effective when it presents its audience with a shocking truth, simplified into something that’s both dependable and relatable. Making this happen involves the careful curating of information into easily-digestible forms to both engage and empower audiences.

Virality is important in bringing about awareness to a cause, but successful campaigns also foster a true and deep understanding in its audience of an issue’s fundamental underpinnings in order to ensure long-term staying power. With a purely viral campaign, it can be a slippery slope into the territory of a cause du jour in the chaos of the information age. But pairing virality with educational tools ensures the campaign will be both relevant and impactful in the long term.