‘Snowstorm’- the story of our Christmas ecard winner

Every year we run an ecard competition, and we receive some true masterpieces from disabled children at our schools. This year was no exception. We asked you to vote for your favourite entry and the winning four designs are now ready for you to send from our website.

Sadly, after entering this year’s competition with his painting “Snowstorm” our winner Joel, aged 12, passed away quite suddenly. Joel was born with cerebral palsy and his parents were eager for him to attend Scope’s Meldreth Manor School in Cambridge so he could reach his full potential whilst receiving specialist care.

Painting of a snow storm
Snow Storm by Joel

Joel embraced life at Meldreth. Teachers and pupils close to Joel describe him as a ‘shining light’, a happy, popular boy with a really warm personality who was incredibly giving and rewarding to be with. He is sorely missed.

The teachers and support workers at Meldreth are on hand to make sure all the children have fun while learning, playing and trying new things. The staff can also offer support to families when a child’s life is tragically cut short, like Joels.

We are really proud that Joel won this year’s competition and we can continue to celebrate his life by sharing his painting with you and everyone who will receive his card this Christmas.

We always love to see the artwork our children and young adults create and never tire of hearing their stories. We think you’ll agree this one is a little extra special.