Your verdict: The Undateables

The people from of The Undateables

The Undateables is back for a third series. We asked on Twitter and Facebook what you thought of the show and here’s what you told us:

You really don’t like the title

“Why call this programme by this horrible title? Doesn’t this just perpetuate stigma?” – Pauline

“Can’t stand this show. Yes it shows that as disabled people date etc. but the title is an automatic barrier. Why are we UNdateable?” – Stixie

“Wish it was called something less awful.” – Davida

“I am really offended by the title.” – Christine

“I’ll be watching! The title is dreadful but the programme is really good at understanding disability.” – Elizabeth

Many of you enjoy watching the show

“I love the show. As a mother of a severely disabled little girl it gives a lovely insight to adult life of disabled people. People who take the mickey are just ignorant. I will be tuning in to watch every week” – Tanya

“The programme shows that the people on it are just people with feelings looking for love, like the next person” – Julie

“It’s actually an ironic title. A friend of mine was trying to get on to the programme. It’s seen through able bodied – so hence the title. But it turns out that they are not undateable but very pleasant people.” – Steve

“As a lesbian woman with diplegia and spastic cerebral palsy who is married with step children, I celebrate this program as it forces people who would be uncomfortable around disabled people to see just how ordinary we are in our need as any able bodied person.” – Tre

“I’m really looking forward to watching it. If you’re going to watch it with a closed mind, chances are, the program won’t change that – it’ll need much more than one show to make that much of a change.” – Faye

“Love this series. Good to see people’s personalities coming to the fore rather than their conditions.” – Heidi

But many worry that disabled people are being used for entertainment

“So many people sitting in their homes tonight will be taking the piss or passing their negative comments . Why is it so shocking that people with disabilities want to find love?” – Christine

“I love this program but I’m getting so fed up with lots of people taking the mickey out of them all!” – Sheenagh

“Personally I think it paints a bad viewpoint of disabled people, and I am disabled, so I have an idea.” – Shau

“Hate the title, hate the idea. Disabled people are not frickin entertainment.” – Shohna

“I also feel a small degree of shame and anger. Segregating disabled people from other dating shows and creating a special show angers me but I can’t quiet articulate how. It’s like deep down I’m feeling this anger because the show almost makes it look like while disabled people are great – it takes a special person to see past that an love them, when that’s not the truth.” – Tre

It’s not perfect, but it’s a good start

“The show has a long way to go, but maybe it’s a start. Having spoken to the creators on the phone, I realise they have a set agenda…” – Downs Side Up

“I think we have to start somewhere. Disability issues are so far off the mark and ignorance is the only reason for this.” – Emma

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