That Awkward Moment

A new romcom ‘That Awkward Moment’ has got us thinking about disability and awkwardness.

On the Scope blog we regularly hear from disabled people about attitudes to disability.

It can be serious. 

But more often than not it’s what you could call innocent ignorance.

And the results can be comedy gold.

Nothing beats Adam Hill’s line from the opening show of The Last Leg.

“I had someone ask me, when I said I had an artificial right leg: ‘Can you still have sex?’ Yeeeeeaah?! What does your husband do? Take a run up?”

Here are some bloggers on their favourite awkward moments.

Blogger Wheeler Wife lists some of her favourite Awkward Wheelchair Moments.

“Passing people in the hallway who plaster themselves to the wall in an attempt to let you pass by. Just last week a 250+ pound construction worker dropped what he was working on and assumed a body search position against one wall with arms and legs outstretched, panicking that he had not created enough space for me to get by. “Oh, you’re ok, I can get by,” I replied.”

We also like this post about a train journey from Danny Housley, the Social Media Coordinator for disABILITY LINK.

“I’m sitting by the door, getting ready to head to an National Federation of the Blind meeting and these people across the aisle from me are staring, and I mean staring hard. I’m pretty sure they were looking so hard that my face was almost bruised.  Anyway, the mother/guardian of these people (they were mid to late teens) leans in and whispers for them to stop looking.  They didn’t. Instead, they start waving and making faces, at which point I lean over and say: “It’s gonna freeze like that.” They looked horrified and the mother nearly fell out of her seat laughing (and then immediately turned on them for a scolding).”

Finally, it’s not real, obviously, but we thought we’d also stick in Francesca Martinez’s appearance in Extras…the whole episode is one big awkward moment.

This year we’re going to be launching a new bid to make people think differently about disability – we think we need to start talking about why these moments become so awkward.

To kick things off, we want to hear your awkward disability moments. Let us know below: