George Osborne has to support vital care in next week’s budget

Do you get annoyed at how long it can take to get things done sometimes? Simple things like trying to reach someone at a helpline or waiting in busy traffic can be pretty frustrating – never mind something as important as trying to make sure everyone who needs care gets it.

Ema - a young woman using a wheelchair, holding a dogOn Monday MPs had just that chance during the latest stage of the Care Bill. The Care Bill is an important new law looking to improve social care for people like Ema, to make sure she can live her life the way she wants to.

It’s been a long road to get to this point. There’s still a lot to be done to make sure everyone who needs care gets it, but thanks to the great support for our campaigns – MPs know now more than ever just how important this vital support is.

From the 25,000 people who contacted their MP by sending them a postcard in one of our shops, to the people who sent in photographs that we hand delivered to Parliament, it showed MPs just how important social care is. We even asked people to Speak Out for Care and send their own message to their MP on giant speech bubbles, and to go one step further and record a message for one of our speaking cards just a few weeks ago.

But there’s still more we need to do.

The decisions about the specifics of who will be able to get care have still to be made. A consultation is going to run over the next few months ahead of another vote by MPs in the autumn.

In the meantime we want to make sure that the proper funding is in place to pay for this vital support for disabled people. So when MPs go to Parliament for the Budget next week, we want to send them a clear message that they need to invest in care.

Do you want to add your voice? Join with people from across the country and send the Government a message on Facebook or Twitter to fund social care.