Disability in Britain: Then and Now… in statistics

Twenty years ago, we voted to change our name from The Spastics Society to Scope. On the day of the launch, we released the first of a series of reports called “Disabled in Britain: A World Apart”. They were based on what was at the time, the largest survey ever conducted of disabled adults in the UK. The reports found that many disabled people felt that they were living in a world apart. As an example, nearly eight in ten disabled people said that they often felt excluded from enjoying things that other people take for granted. While we don’t have directly comparable data, we have gathered available evidence from our own research and other sources, to get a sense of what life was like in 1994, and how it is today. Here are the stats: Infographic

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  1. Please can you convey this in text as well as a graphic? I’m visually impaired, using a screen reader and as far as I can tell at the moment there’s no way for me to read this infographic.

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