If I can complete the marathon I know that I can achieve anything

Guest blog from Neoma. Neoma is running the London Marathon for Scope this Sunday. She set herself the challenge and has been training hard to try and stay positive after suffering massive nerve damage to her arm, which has left her with mobility issues. 

Twelve years ago when I still lived in Australia I went for a routine blood test and the doctor hit an artery, which bled into a major nerve in my elbow.

I was rushed in for an operation, which we all hoped had repaired the damage fully. But two years ago I started to experience swelling and burning in my arm.

Then one day I was driving home from work and I had a series of painful spasms in my neck, shoulder and back. It was terrifying.

An investigation found that while the previous operation had provided a temporary fix, the method they had used had caused further massive nerve damage.

The doctors broke the news that I was 6 – 12 months away from losing the use of my arm completely unless they could operate immediately to repair some of the damage caused. It was really frightening.

Life changing

That was in February last year and since the operation the doctors and I are still hopeful that I’ll make a full recovery. But at this point I’m still in constant pain and I don’t have the full use of my arm.

I think that the loss of independence has been the hardest thing. My husband now has to help me with things like tying my shoelaces and drying my hair so it’s affected us as a family.

I also had to give up my regular job and go part-time in a different job because of my health problems. But the hardest time was when I couldn’t work at all, I was stuck at home, barely saw anybody and I got really down about everything.

I set myself a challenge

NeomaI had some counselling and then decided that I needed to give myself a personal goal to focus on.  Before all of this happened I was really into my sports especially netball and jogging, so I signed up to do the London Marathon this year and Scope is the charity that I’m running for.

I still hope that my situation is temporary and I don’t consider myself disabled.  But these past years have helped me understand much more about what some disabled people must go through. You just don’t realise until you’ve been there yourself.

The training has been incredibly tough but it’s really helped me to stay positive. I’m in a lot of pain and the medication I’m on makes me tired, so it’s hard to get motivated some days.  But I set the marathon as a challenge to myself, and if I can complete the course I know that I can achieve anything.

You can sponsor Neoma for her fundraising efforts or donate by texting NEMO76 and the amount to 70070.

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