Warming up in Trafford – families joining forces to create better services

Guest post from Kajal who is a facilitator in Scope’s Made to measure service in Trafford.

Mum and daughter holding rewardsMany parents have told us that the swimming pools they use are too cold for their children. So on 23 February seven families got together for a special swimming session where we raised the temperature at Sale Leisure Centre to a comfortable 32⁰C .

It was great fun to see the families having such a good time in the pool and spending time with them afterwards. They enjoyed some snacks and received some prizes for their hard work in the pool!

Combining budgets to create better services

Woman from Scope with table of activitiesThe day was more than just a fun day out. We wanted to show families how coming together and pooling their Personal Budgets could work. A venue, like a swimming pool, may not be able to make adjustments for just one family, but by coming together and using their combined spending power familes can create better short breaks, services and childrens’ activities.

The day was also a chance to provide feedback about the facilities at the leisure centre. Families told us about the issues they had with the changing facilities, and we consequently organised a meeting with the Leisure Centre manager so that the parents could directly discuss this feedback with him.

Get involved

Made to measure is running in Plymouth and Trafford. If you live in those areas and want to get involved, please get in touch. We also have an online forum for parents to talk about what services their children want and need:

Join the Made to Measure Plymouth forum
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