Man piggy-backing woman laughing by lake and mountains

Switch off so others can switch on

Technology can help disabled people control their lives.

We’ve blogged about how assistive technology in our Beaumont college and in services like Drummonds can help people browse the web, listen to music, use social networks and control their environments.

So why would we ask people to give up technology?

Digital Detox is this weekend. It’s a sponsored event which will see self-confessed social media addicts pledging to go without technology for 48 hours. Just like most fundraising events – it’s a challenge, and we ask people to raise money doing it. We’ve seen from our past participants just how challenging the weekend can be.

It’s also a chance for us to talk to a new audience. Many fundraising events involve running, cycling and swimming long distances – which aren’t challenges that everyone wants to take on!

There’s a more serious side to it too.  We polled 1,500 social media users and found that although people are most likely to feel amused (84%) or better connected to other people (69%) when they use social media, nearly a third (30%) admit that they actually feel lonely when they look at their social media feed.  Shockingly, half of 18 – 34 year olds even admit that their social media feed makes them feel ugly or unattractive.

It’s ironic, but by giving up their online presence for the weekend, participants are helping support our work, giving people like Jamie their own voice:

Would you like to join others fundraising for Scope by reconnecting with the analogue world? Sign up for Digital Detox.