The 5 most unusual gifts left to Scope

Gifts in wills are Scope’s prized possessions. Without them much of our important work wouldn’t happen, as a quarter of our fundraised income comes from these special gifts. Supporters who leave them to us share our vision to make this country a better place for disabled people.

We see many wonderful gifts pass through people’s wills to their loved ones. These range from gifts such as jewellery and photograph collections, to items like china dish sets and nativity scenes. We have even seen some very personal keepsakes such as original sheet music and manuscripts.

We have been lucky enough to benefit from some extraordinary and unusual gifts left to Scope over the years. Read on to see the top 5 memorable gifts left to us:

  1. The Grand Piano

We were left a baby grand piano by a resident who lived on the same road as our head office. It was valued at a generous £10,000, although we did have to try and figure out how to get it out of the basement it was in.

  1. The swimming pool

In the 1960s a will was written leaving £100 to build a swimming pool for our beneficiaries. By the time the supporter passed away, aged 106, inflation had left the income a little short of that needed to build a pool, although the gift was still gratefully received and put to good use.

  1. The doll collection

One supporter decided to kindly leave her collection of dolls to Scope in her will. Gifts such as these are welcomed in our retail shops, or can be sold so the funds are used to help disabled people and their families.

  1. The music royalties

One of our supporters, a TV and radio star in the 1950s, left us the royalties from his shows in his will. The gift that keeps on giving; we still receive cheques whenever his material is aired.

  1. Two plots of land in the Bahamas

Two jetsetting supporters left us plots of land they owned in the Bahamas. Holiday rights not included!

What’s your prized possession? Let us know in the comments, or tweet us at @Scope where we will share our favourites.

To learn more about gifts in wills, please feel free to contact the legacy team.