A wrapped gift with ribbon

It’s a wrap!

Post from Sanchia, Gifts in Wills Fundraiser at Scope.

Wow, what an exciting gifts in wills week!

Thanks to everyone who sent us pictures of their prized possessions. We have had some interesting and heartfelt submissions on social media, here are some of our favourites:

Rose and I have been busy visiting Scope shops on the south coast and in North Yorkshire and were so impressed with the amazing prized possession in-store shop displays.

Staff at the Ripon shop presented their prized possessions in a glass cabinet for customers to see. Some of the possessions included a pocket watch and the complete illustrated works of Lewis Carroll!

Glass cabinet filled with the staff own prized possessions in Ripon shop

The Ilkley shop has celebrated gifts in wills week too, visit their Facebook page to see their prized possessions

This week isn’t the only time to think about gifts in wills. They are so important to Scope and you can make or update your will at any point to include a gift to us.

Find out more about how you can leave a gift in your will to Scope.

See you next year!