The Disability Factor

What difference did the Viktoria Modesta’s music video make? Did it change attitudes? Did it increase opportunities for more disabled musicians?

Here’s what you had to say:

A million percent yes!

“About time we had some publicity in that world, you go girl!”

“This is absolutely brilliant! Disability should definitely be represented more in the media, it’s about time so well done Viktoria! x” – chellem90

“The music video won’t just benefit those disabled, but everyone, helping us to see how powerful we are as a human race, with the ability to achieve what we want in life.” – Soph

“About time too! Absolutely awesome. Love it. X” – Jenny

“Fab fab fab” – Margaret

I didn’t love it…

“Rather odd, not quite sure about it” – Anita

“…From what I have heard here, Viktoria is a young lady with an excellent voice, and I wish her well in her ambition.
I would just prefer that her publicity concentrated on her singing talents. Concentrating on, or indeed even mentioning, her disability is shallow reporting, and is not conducive to promoting inclusivity or acceptance…” – Geoff

“I personally didn’t like the song, but each to their own. It certainly illustrates well that a disability is not a barrier.” – Harry

It’s a “no” from me

“All this ‘not represented’ clap trap does more harm than good. Nobody should queue jump …! P.S. I speak as a disabled lady!”  – Mal

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