Coventry welcomes our new Face 2 Face service

(Pictures by (c) Jon Mullis/Bullivant Media 2015)

Last week we launched a new Face 2 Face service in Coventry. We shared the stories of two befrienders – Donna and Louise. During the event we asked attendees to share their hopes for the service. Here are some of our favourites:

“May the parents get the help they need and deserve. Go Face 2 Face Coventry!”

“All the best for the new Face 2 Face project in Coventry. It’s very exciting to see it taking off in the area – a very needed and worthwhile service.”

“A friend when in need is a friend indeed! Good luck for a successful future.”

“Through the launch of this service that no parent or carer of a disabled child feels isolated or overwhelmed by emotions but can receive the help they need to move forward.”

“Welcome to Face 2 Face and your befrienders. The support that they offer will be invaluable to parents in the area. As a parent of adults with hidden disabilities, I recognise the isolation and confusion – your volunteer will give much valuable support. Thank you!”

“Welcome to Coventry you are a necessary and important organisation doing a wonderful job. As the Children’s Champion for Coventry I would like you to know my door is always open to you, should my support be needed.”


Local groups and the council also came out in support:

“A much needed service for Coventry Parents… a big welcome” – The Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS)

“Hope the future helps parents feel that they are not isolated and have nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about and that they should be very proud and feel special that they have been put into an unknown situation but have a beautiful child. This is a brilliant service. Good luck” – Young Carers Service.

“Good luck with the new Face 2 Face service” – Shine Charity

“Looking forward to working with you all in the future!” – RNIB Three Spires Academy

“I think your service will be so valuable in Coventry. So many parents need support, and ask what support is out there for them. Good Luck” – CEREBRA

Find out more about Face 2 Face in Coventry.