Picture of Grace Mandeville pulling a funny face and pointing at her foreshortened arm

Talking about disability: the best disabled vloggers from the web

Following the announcement of our 100th video on YouTube, we thought it would be the perfect time to share our favourite disabled vloggers across the web.

Their videos have given us plenty of food for thought, endless giggles and loads of inspiration at Scope HQ. Check out our dedicated playlist on our YouTube channel to see some of the best videos made by these brilliant disabled vloggers.

  1. The Mandeville Sisters

If you haven’t experienced the infectious energy of these two British sisters, we insist you check out their channel! With their 23,000 strong (and still growing!) subscriber fanbase, the Mandeville Sisters are taking YouTube by storm with their fun and, sometimes, controversial videos. Grace, the eldest of the two, was born with one foreshortened arm and often posts videos about the lighter side of having one hand.

  1. Fashioneyesta

Who says that being visually impaired means you can’t love fashion? This is exactly what UK based vlogger, Emily, asks in her channel dedicated to fashion, lifestyle and beauty. Never one to turn down the latest goodies from high street shops, she has a real passion for all the biggest trends. But don’t think it’s all just blusher and brogues; Emily tackles the day to day issues she faces as a visually impaired person, all in a fun and engaging way.

  1. Josh Sundquist

Josh is one of those guys who is good at everything. He’s a paralympian, bestselling author and motivational speaker. He’s loved for his boyish good looks, memorable raps and his penchant for the best Halloween costumes ever posted on the internet. Frankly, we’re a bit jealous! An amputee cancer survivor, Josh’s channel is filled with videos that focus on the positives and lighter side of having one leg. From awkward dates to finding his ‘sole’ mate, there is a video here for everyone to love.

  1. Bunny Hopkins

She is brightening up YouTube with her neon hair. 23 year old British-Canadian, Bunny Hopkins, is guaranteed to leave you smiling with her quirky and engaging videos. Bunny lives with a physical impairment and chronic illness caused by a rare disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Despite this, she always stands by her viewpoint that “it is what it is” and strives to be “positive in the face of adversity!”

  1. Tommy Edison

Unlike the other vloggers on this list, Tommy uses his impairment as the focus of his videos and they are some of the most entertaining pieces of film you will see on the internet. From getting people to try to describe colours to him, to describing his least favourite sounds – Tommy is out to get a laugh. He has managed to gain over 18 million views on his channel, which is no mean feat!

So, has this given you the urge to pick up the camera and start a vlog yourself? Is there anyone that you’d have liked to see on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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