Health and fitness round-up!

We’ve had a great few weeks discussing health and wellbeing, helping us get into 2015 with a fresh and active perspective. Here’s a handy round-up in case you missed any of our posts. 

Health and fitness tips on the community

We’re really pleased to have launched a health and fitness tips section of our community, which is full of great advice from parents, carers and disabled people. Here’s one from Alex_2014:

“I workout my legs at the gym, and because I have cerebral palsy, it helps me manage it, by strengthening my muscles in that area. I use the leg press and leg extension. I also use a stationary bike, to help with my stamina, as I can get tired easily.”

We’d love you to have a look through and get involved in the conversations, we’re sure you will have loads of great ideas!

Wheely good exercisesFive photos showing a man doing wheelchair stretching exercises

Kris from Wheely Good Fitness gave us his top five wheelchair exercises, which were really popular on Facebook and Twitter.  And if you’re feeling more adventurous then you can step them up a notch to your favourite music.

Transforming perceptions in the fitness industryThree men in the gym with JGFitness clothes

Josh has cerebral palsy, but he’s never let it get in the way. He told us all about the benefits of bodybuilding, how it’s increased his stamina and confidence, and made him loads of new friends. He’s transforming perceptions of disability in the fitness industry and he loves it.

Ask a fitness expert

We had a Q&A with Rob, a disabled sports coach from Active Nation, a national charity committed to ‘persuading the nation to be active.’ If you get in quick he’ll still be able to answer any health and fitness questions relating to disability you might have!

Have a rambleDisabled ramblers - people walking and in motorised chairs

And if all this fitness talk gets you tired, remember that it’s not just about getting your heart rate up. It’s so important just to get out and about into the fresh air – it does a world of good for body and mind. That’s why we recently had a guest blog featuring the Disabled Ramblers, who find alternatives to manmade barriers such as steps, stiles and gates in the countryside that limit accessibility for disabled people.

Need a goal?Someone holding a medal

If we’ve got you motivated but you’d like a goal to get you going, you can always check out Scope’s fundraising events for inspiration.

We’d love to know how your start to 2015 has been going – have you stuck to your New Year’s Resolutions? Has any of our health and fitness information inspired you to get active?