Working out makes me feel happier and stronger – #100days100stories

If any of you have been feeling a bit sluggish recently – perhaps you’ve been putting off going to the gym for a while – here’s a story that’s guaranteed to have you reaching for your trainers.

Gerald, who has cerebral palsy and attends regular classes at his local gym, recently found himself on STV Glasgow’s Riverside Show, and has now become an inspiration to couch potatoes everywhere. See Gerald’s film here and read his story as part of our 100 days, 100 stories campaign.

Gerald and his workout classmates

My name is Gerald, and I have cerebral palsy. In October 2013, I decided to go and see what was on in  my local sports centre. There was a class called body attack that night, so I decided to try it. Wow, it changed my life!

Now, I go to 10 classes a week, Monday to Friday, including body combat, body attack, body pump and shbam. It’s like a full time job for me! I love all my classes and all my instuctors are amazing. I love working hard on my fitness, and I feel so much happier and stronger.

I have  made so many friends coming to class. I just love been in a class with able-bodied people – they don’t see me as a disabled person. If I wasn’t doing this, I’d just be sitting at home,

I would love other people like myself to join in and do things, no matter what they can do.

So the film came about because I enjoy watching a show called the Riverside Show on STV Glasgow. My carer Gillan wrote in to ask if I could meet the crew and she told them about my classes. They decided to do a story on me which you can see here.

Gerald is a member of Scope’s online community. If you enjoyed the film or you’d like to share your own experiences with him, please drop him a line and say hello.