Jhon, a young disabled man with glasses, looking into the camera

I want to make changes for disabled people – #100days100stories

Jhon is from Leicester. He’s really passionate about making his voice heard and making a difference for disabled people. Jhon has shared his story as part of our 100 Days, 100 Stories campaign.

Please note this video flickers slightly at points.

When I was younger I wanted to be a doctor as I wanted to help people with disabilities, like my own. When I was about 11 or 12 I stated to become interested in politics because I wanted to get young people’s voices heard, and particularly young disabled people. This is something I’m really passionate about as I sometimes felt ignored as a disabled person.

Not only did I want my voice to be heard, I wanted everyone else’s voices to be heard too.

I’ve already started thinking about how I’m going to achieve this. I know that qualifications are important and I’ve been looking at universities and what qualifications I need to get on to the right course.

I know that I need to be well rounded and I’m trying to get experience, because universities want people who are passionate and committed. I’ve worked with lots of different organisations and charities. Scope were really helpful because I was able to be a Trendsetter and shape the way they work with young people. This has really helped me improve my confidence.

I’ve been speaking to as many people as I can to get as much experience and information as possible. I’ve achieved quite a lot so far and have spoken at Parliament a few times, which was an amazing experience. It helped me to develop my communication skills which are really important.

I’m determined to do the best that I can in my A-Levels and university and continue to gain more experience in politics, which will help me achieve my goals.

If you’re a young person looking for a job or to make a change in the world, my advice would be to make a plan, speak to people, don’t be frightened, and have fun!

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