A toddler at an inclusive play session

Games all children can play

Jackie Hagan works with disabled and non-disabled children at Scope’s inclusive nursery at Walton Children’s Centre in Liverpool. In our new video, Jackie shows how it’s easy to include all children in play with a little imagination:

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All families are different but one thing they all have in common is that all children have the right to play.

Regardless of your child’s age or ability play is fun, relaxing and is something that you can do together.

We live in a material world, but play does not have to be expensive. Children love to play with household items which can then be put together to make a sensory box to help children explore different textures and sensations.

How many times do we see children playing with the box instead of the toy; so why not use this opportunity to paint the box together and make a den.

Communication is key to children’s development and supports their social skills. Puppets can be made from wooden spoons and surplus material, or recycle your plastic bottles and using dried pasta and colourful paper make musical shakers.

Get down to your child’s level, play and have fun!

For more tips, go to our Games All Children Can Play pages.

Please note: supervision is essential. Don’t let children play alone with homemade toys.

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  1. We provide training through the Sainsbury’s Active Kids for All Inclusive Community Training for parents, support workers, carers, volunteers etc. providing them with the tools to support them to introduce physical activity and sport to those that they support. All of the principles will also apply to play, with some of the messages in your video shared. I would be interested to see whether we can work in partnership with Scope over this to make sure as many people have opportunity to access as possible (maximum of £10 but subsidies may apply). Please let me know the best person to speak with.

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