A mum and daughter making a cake, and a logo that says Scope's Friday Lottery

9 reasons to love Fridays

We LOVE Fridays! And here are nine reasons why they are so great.  

  1.  Lie in tomorrow!Woman lying in bed with an eye mask, and a ginger cat trying to wake her up

  2. It gets to 4pm and you can’t contain your excitementWoman cheering in an office and running towards the door

  3. You can head straight to the pub after work Five men drinking pints in a traditional pub

  4. The world is your oyster, everything is possibleWoman spinning around and smiling in a meadow - scene from The Sound of Music

  5. You feel like dancingCarlton and Will from 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' dancing

  6. Having a take away is completely acceptableHomer Simpson eating takeaway on his bed

  7. You can catch up with friends you haven’t seen all weekJoey from friends hugging Chandler

  8. If you don’t go out, there’s fun Friday TVGraham Norton puling the lever on the red chair in his Friday night show

  9. And you can play Scope’s Friday Lottery! Scrooge McDuck swimming in money

Being in with a chance to win £500 in Scope’s Friday lottery would be a great start to the weekend!  Don’t miss out, play today. 

What would you do with an extra £500 this Friday?