It’s the end of the Trendsetters project, but we hope it’s just the start of something new!

In 2009 we spoke with a lot of young disabled people who told us about their experiences. Some felt isolated, some lacked confidence, and some felt that other people didn’t understand their situation. We felt that there was an opportunity for Scope and young people to work together. We met with a group of young people to discuss some ideas. They said they wanted to create and share information for themselves and other young disabled people, and to talk to each other. This was the start of Trendsetters.

What we did.

Trendsetters have achieved lots during the course of the project. We’ve made lots of films, for example, on bullying, a ‘day in the life of’ a young person, team work, and accessibility. Together we’ve created postcards about cerebral palsy, and confidence and self-esteem. It’s been great meeting each other, talking about stuff, sharing information, having a laugh, making new friends and eating pizzas!

What’s next?

Sadly, the Trendsetters project has now finished. It’s been great getting to know you all. We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who has been involved, particularly the committed and enthusiastic young people who came to the workshops and created the information and content on the website. We’re really keen to stay in touch with everyone.

We’ll be working with young campaigners: you can share your story with us, write a blog, volunteer or help out at our events. Get in touch soon!