“Access in the UK infuriates me” – Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil set up Why Not People as a way of providing accessible music events to disabled people, who are too often excluded. Here she blogs for us and tells us why it’s so important to her. 

I am delighted to say I am someone who works alongside Sophie Morgan, Patron for Scope and Director for my company Why Not People. Sophie and Scope both embody everything I stand for… which is a passion to improve the lives of disabled people.

I started my company Why Not People because I’d grown up surrounded by disability, having some experience with it myself also, which really allowed me to see first hand, how disgraceful access in the UK is. It infuriates me. We are not a developing country, we are advanced and privileged. We have all the tools necessary to build an accessible Britain. One of the main places I knew I could help was with music gigs, given my career at Radio 1. Gigs are a rite of passage that should be open to be enjoyed by everyone. From every age, colour, race, creed and capability. We put on big, fully accessible gigs where everyone is welcomed and nobody will be sectioned off in the corner separated from friends and family.

Sophie was my first ambassador, and has been our force of inspiration and energy, because she is sick and tired of being denied a world she s fully entitled to. She’s had such an incredible life and career and is an example of how we all need to get involved and work together to change our world. There is no point just waiting for someone to fix things, we need to campaign. We need to support companies that promote access, so that other businesses, venues and government members will realise this is a business, and something worth paying attention to.

Sophie doesn’t believe in being cast aside. Nor do we at Why Not People, and nor should you. Please join us in this important cause.  Things are finally changing. I hope to see you out with us someday soon.

Head to Why Not People to see what we’re about.

Lots of love, Jameela x