Three volunteers in a Scope shop - smiling and laughing

Celebrating Scope volunteers

Our charity shops and services are only run thanks to the generosity of our volunteers.

This week is Volunteer’s Week in the UK, and we’d like to show you the wide variety of volunteers we have, what brought them to Scope, and celebrate what they do.

A headshot of Caroline, our volunteer, smiling.Caroline

Caroline volunteers at our Huntingdon shop and has been with Scope for 13 long years. “I started as a 10 week placement, but I liked it so much that I never left,” she said. Caroline loves the variety volunteering can give her.

Sometimes she’s on the till and other times she’s in the back sorting and steaming. Caroline feels good to know the money raised by the shops is going to a good cause. “I’d volunteer more if the buses ran on Sunday!” she said. The best thing about working at Scope, Caroline says, is not only the people but that every day is a new day and you never know what might be coming.

Lucy smilingLucy

Lucy, a volunteer at the Welling shop, has been with Scope for just 7
months. She’d been to a few charity shops, but liked that Scope’s had a great atmosphere. She loves the relationships and the community she’s built in the shop.

Even though she just works Saturdays she still pops in on her off days to say hello. Lucy says if you’re thinking about volunteering you should. “Definitely do it. It will change your life… for the better, just so we’re clear!”.

Thornton smilingThornton

Thornton has been volunteering with Scope for 2 years when he started at 15. He now works at the Welling shop, sorting through stock and talking to customers.

“Before I volunteered I was very shy and would hardly talk to anyone and now I’m out there being loud and talking to people!”. Thornton had been turned away at other shops for being too young, but Scope’s shop and the manager were friendly and bubbly. He now enjoys checking out all of the interesting things people can donate. “We had a pantomime cow costume once and some dolls made of hair!”

We’re always looking for volunteers across different areas of Scope. If you’re interested in volunteering, fill out our volunteering form.