“I know my contribution is valuable to Scope.”

Ending our celebration of Volunteers’ Week, we talk to Mary Walsh who volunteers in Scope’s head office on Market Road. She enjoys working on specific projects and focusing all her attention on building a better, and more inclusive environment.

I love volunteering at Scope because I feel like I’m giving some value to Scope and gaining something valuable myself at the same time.

I was made redundant after working for one company for most of my life. I was relieved at being out of a high pressure environment and excited about finding something new. It gave me time to look after my parents, but I was also nervous about my uncertain future. I also surprised since I enjoyed my job and planned on staying until I retired.

When I started applying for jobs, I realised so much had changed. It was 30 years since I applied for job and now everything was online and automated. Nothing was the same. Some companies wanted a CV and a covering letter, others wanted a detailed application. And after my effort I might just get a short email response and nothing else. It felt so strange and cold.

While I was searching, I found that Scope was looking for volunteers with my specialist skills, so I applied. While I found another job, volunteering with Scope allows me to keep my speciality skills as a Diversity and Inclusion Specialist up to date.

I volunteer one day a week as a Diversity and Inclusion Specialist with Scope’s Human Resources team on a project to ensure Scope is an exemplar employer of disabled people. Details about our newest project will come soon.

I love volunteering at Scope because I can make progress every day working on one project. I spend a day brainstorming, then writing the project plan, then getting feedback, and so on. I know my contribution is a real assistance and it does personally provide me with great experience to add to my CV, and it’s great to work with the team.

Tell us about your volunteering experiences … where have you volunteered in the past or now? What makes volunteering enjoyable for you? Share your volunteering tales on the community.