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Home insurance competition: DIY disasters, the highlights

In our second home insurance competition of the year. Offering yet another exciting chance to win £100 worth of John Lewis vouchers. We asked people what their biggest DIY disasters were.

We are pleased to announce the winner of this competition was, Nicola from Nottingham, congratulations Nicola!

We received quite a few disastrous stories from enthusiastic ‘DIYers’ involving issues like misplaced nails and over eager husbands which were funny, embarrassing and financially painful in equal measure. For your reading pleasure and lessons in what not to do we include some of the highlights below:

There were a few stories involving  issues with floors and nails, Sara telling the story of what happened when her husband had the ‘wise idea’ to secure a loose floorboard “which he was aware had a water pipe beneath it”, before the carpet fitters came in to do the hall.  See where this is going yet?  As she puts it: “He located the pipe and was very careful to put 4 nails around it, then he decided to stick one more, for luck, straight through the pipe! We found out that day just how expensive an emergency plumber is (not that he came particularly quickly, given that we had a water feature in the hall!).” Needless to say they’ve “managed to keep him away from most DIY jobs since then.”

Another nail-related disaster has Emily trying to “put a nail in wall to put a picture up” and “nailing through the electrics, oops!”

While Sarah’s husband also triggered a DIY disaster when in managing to do some “beautiful tiling in our kitchen” managed to, in the process, break four brand new plates “bought from Ikea that morning”. Her husband’s destructive enthusiasm is however something that Sarah has keen knowledge of having seen him before destroy her “BBQ and plastic greenhouse” when he demolished an “old dangerous shed in the garden”.

Alex meanwhile had his DIY disaster comedy moment when he hung a door and only found out it was upside down “when guests visited.”

Finally our winner Nicola’s story tells of how over- excited she gets when she has the enthusiasm to make something as she tires easily. As she relates: “I had bought an Ikea cupboard and when it had been dropped off. I was so excited I made it there and then in my front room, and was very proud of myself before I realised I couldn’t fit it upstairs in the room it needed to be in.” And it has been in her “front room out of place ever since as it won’t fit up my stairs and I don’t want to take it all down again!”

So if you’re ever feeling the need to do a spot of DIY just remember to think twice before hammering in those nails!

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