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It’s time to show your brain some love!

Most of us try to look after our bodies, but how many of us consider our brain? That’s the message behind the Disabilities Trust’s new awareness campaign, Show your brain some love. Marketing Manager Charlie Price tells us more.

We launched our Show Your Brain Some Love campaign on 18 May, to coincide with the 2015 Brain Injury Awareness Week. One of our divisions is The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT), a leading charity for brain injury rehabilitation across the UK, so the idea behind the campaign was to encourage people to take care and understand the importance of protecting your brain.

It is estimated that every year more than one million people in the UK will acquire a head injury and, out of those, 11,000 will suffer a severe brain injury. Only 15 per cent of those people will be able to return to work within five years and about 4,500 will need care for the rest of their lives.

Brain injury research shows that men between the ages of 16 and 30 are at the most risk. We’re hoping that, by spreading awareness, more people will take care and understand this as an important issue.

Birt, the character behind the Give your brain some love campaign

We’ve introduced a colourful character, Birt, to share top tips for keeping your brain healthy. It’s a way of making a serious message eye-catching, and much easier to read. The campaign has even changed my own outlook! The best thing for us has been the positive reactions when Birt was unveiled and all the positive comments on social media. We used the hashtag #LoveBirt specifically for the campaign, so we could easily see and measure the use of Birt on social media.

It’s been great to see how wide-reaching the campaign has become. We didn’t just launch it nationally on our website. We also provided campaign packs for 15 of our brain injury services. And they were able to use them in any of the activities they were doing, whether it was cake-baking or bike marathons. It was great to see how everyone made use of the materials. Then they could also see Birt on our website and social media channels, so the range has been really wide, which is great.

There are a few things everyone can do to look after their brain, like ensuring you wear a helmet, eating a balanced diet, learning more, exercise, keeping positive, and other things. If you visit our website and meet Birt, you can find out more.

Read more tips to show your brain some love and learn more about the campaign on The Disabilities Trust website.

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