A man and a woman kiss in bed together

#EndTheAwkward with a kiss

6 July is International Kissing Day and we’ve produced a new video to celebrate, ahead of a whole season of End The Awkward activity.

About our campaign

Our #EndTheAwkward campaign is about challenging attitudes to disability. Too many people feel awkward around disabled people, because they’re worried about saying or doing the wrong thing. This spills over to every aspect of life. Only 7% of people have been on a date with, or asked out, a disabled person. That means a lot of people missing out on date nights with some pretty great prospects.

Why we’ve produced this film

Our Kiss video shows that when you get down to it – literally – we’re all the same and it’s about personal connection and chemistry. We want to ‘Kiss awkward goodbye’ by showcasing disabled and non-disabled couples kissing. By showing this unapologetically, we can help break down awkward barriers that currently exist.

How to get involved – without kissing someone!

We want people to ditch their assumptions about disability, get over their awkwardness and just relax. Dating, sex and relationships can be awkward at the best of times. It’s always better to just chill out a bit. Focus on the person and the connection, not the impairment.

A big part of the campaign is encouraging people sharing their awkward moments. We hope this video will get people thinking differently about sex and disability – but also prompt people to share their stories and get involved at our Awkward hub. We’ll be publishing awkward stories regularly through the campaign too.

So pucker up. Enjoy yourself. And let’s kiss the awkward goodbye!      

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