Audrey, one of our raffle winners

Meet our £4000 Jackpot winner Audrey

Audrey was the lucky winner of Scope’s £4,000 Summer Jackpot prize. Below she tells us how the prize money will make a big difference for her family, and why she is proud to be a supporter of Scope.

How did you feel when you found out you won the top prize?

I was highly delighted! I have not won anything as valuable before. I am always buying raffle tickets to support charities. I actually buy the tickets then forget about the date of drawing the winners!

What are you going to spend your winnings on?

I am giving £1000 each to our son and daughter and I think the other £2000 will go towards a holiday or updating our car.

It is greatly appreciated – our son and daughter are equally delighted!

What does Scope mean to you?

We always support Scope. We donate things to our local Scope shop as well as buying the raffle tickets.

Our son (who’ll get £1000 of the prize) has cerebral palsy. Mostly his legs are affected and in the past he has had major surgery to help him.

We try to help him as much as possible.  He still falls quite a lot and it is not easy for him, but he is getting on and doing well in his job.

If you have been inspired by Audrey’s story, you can enter the Super Jackpot today for the chance to win £10,000 while supporting disabled people and their families.