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What makes you smile?

It’s World Smile Day today and we wanted to celebrate! So we asked our online community and social media followers to tell us what disability-related things make them smile. They didn’t disappoint…

“My son makes me smile. He is 17 and has quadriplegic cerebral palsy. No matter what he goes through he always manages to smile! I don’t know anyone more positive, determined and brave!!”  – Julie 

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“I run a non-profit making happiness bags for chronic illness sufferers to help them to smile, and it makes me smile too!” – Pippa 

“My beautiful daughter has taught us so much through her disabilities, she’s taught us how to love purely, that people that mind don’t matter and that people that matter don’t mind, and how to cope without sleep on caffeine and adrenaline alone. But most of all she has taught me to be the parent my children need me to be. Xx” – Emma

“Knowing that composers of old like Mozart,  who I believe was deaf, and others who had disabilities including blindness accomplished very famous pieces of music. And learning that Einstien was dyslexic and turned out to be a genius. Learning of those who had all kinds of disabilities that make a difference and make their mark today, another who comes to mind is Stephen Hawking. Makes me smile to know of those who overcome and prove their worth in society. How can anyone not smile at those facts!” – Bobby  

“Seeing the smiles on the faces of children we’ve helped every month :)” – Challenged America, supporting disabled kids in the US

“Helping good causes makes me smile” – Dave

Young disabled man smiling in a swimming pool, supported by a carer“Greig’s joy when swimming is palpable. Perhaps it’s the freedom. He can’t say, but his smile speaks volumes!” – Geoff 

“Someone smiling at me makes me smile – it’s infectious. I like to put them on my tweets to infect Twitter :)” – Invisible Mum

“My eldest boy is going through a lot to try and diagnose him… He makes me smile knowing that at the start of his journey docs said he may never be like other children.. yet you would never know the problems he faces to look at him!! He is my superhero… He is the reason I smile!!” – Donna 

“When people realise disability isn’t something to fear!” – Ryan

“My son randomly throwing his arms around me telling me he loves me and it’s shining through his eyes.” – Nykoma

If you have any smiley stories to add, please tell us!

2 thoughts on “What makes you smile?”

  1. The world smile day. I don’t know it. It’s wonderful.Seem very simple ant it’s so necessary for all. My story today is different at the Julie story. Y pray for she and your son. My story is so symple.
    I was in down. I loss my three jobs in time, jobs of physician. I love my profesion. My illness in a worst state, dubts, social injustice, no intervention the courts. And decided to begin study english philosophy.
    Seriously I don’t know why exactly but I suppose that the english tongue help to me in my solitude and help to me in a resistence and help to me in a manner by expressing my social dissacord
    Then I was beginning. It was no easy, besides infamous attitudes and words had stop the study
    I had a great professor, a english professor, never, never ahe toward’s against to me in bad manner and I remembered allways your smile
    Your smile was very important. Cause of my bad level, when whe had talk between the pupils, asoem people turned your head. I can’t said nothing, but perhaps it hurts to me so much, so much.
    Today I pass of my bed at my desk. I read all in English, I see all the movies in Enhlish I something moment send the wheel chair. Maybe go it at some academy and rearrange my study. But sour smile never get away of my mind. It was a positive stimulus. When I remembered it is a positive stimulus for me. I pray at Lord, they didn’t dissapoint. My hung and my smile,my friendship for your’s

  2. Every time i speak with my brother makes me SMILE!!!I can see big improvements month after month.Love him to death!He’s my inspiration.SMILE…Always!!!

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