F for Flaunt It- illustration of amputee's arm holding panties.

F is for Flaunt It – #EndtheAwkward

Woman in wheelchair wearing a hat and underwear posing for photo
Makenzie Whittle Photography

Too often people think that disabled people aren’t sexy. We say: rubbish!

F for Flaunt It is part of Scope’s A to Z of sex and disability

Disabled people come in all shapes and sizes – just like everyone. And as Enhance the UK show with this stunning photo shoot – disability doesn’t stop you being sexy.

Undressing Disability is a stunning collection of intimate photographs of disabled people proudly showing off their bodies as part of the Undressing Disability campaign which seeks to raise awareness and change perceptions linked to sex and disability.

These pics are just a sneeky peak of the full exhibition. Stay tuned for the full selection from Enhance the UK in later October.

For more details about Enhance the UK and this sexy shoot, visit their website.

F for Flaunt It is part of Scope’s A to Z of sex and disability

Woman looking glamorous and posing for photo in her underwear
Shirtless man in wheelchair posing for photograph Woman in underwear posing for black and white photographShirtless man in boxer shorts posing for photograph

All photos by Makenzie Whittle Photography