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Future Ambitions: Getting young disabled people into work

Guy Chaudoir is Service Manager for Scope’s Future Ambitions Service. Guy has been at Scope for three years and has spent the last eight years working with young people to support them in employment and apprenticeships.

I was recently asked by a prospective employee in an interview what the best thing about my job was, for me it was an easy question to answer. The best thing about my job is seeing the progress a young disabled person makes when we work with them to achieve their goals.

I run a new service for Scope, called Future Ambitions, the service is supported by the Credit Suisse EMEA Foundation and its goal is to support young disabled people into paid work.

The difficulties disabled people face

Young disabled people tell us that they find it difficult to tell people about their disability, so they get the right support to stay in a job. They also tell us that it is a crowded market and if you don’t fit exactly to what an employer is looking for, then you don’t even get an interview or an acknowledgement that you’ve actually applied.

No one loves filling in an application form, writing a cover letter or having a job interview, what we aim to do is work with young disabled people to be able to do this, so they can get a job they love.

But it’s not just about the practical parts of finding a job, each person that joins our service gets support from their own advisor to work on what they need to gain employment, be it support to improve confidence or time management, work experience in a field they are interested, interview skills, how to disclose their disability to an employer and support at interviews.

Working with employers

We also work with Employers, supporting them to recruit and retain young disabled people in their workplace. Along with introducing them to candidates that might not have exactly the right qualifications and experience, but with the right support from us, will thrive and grow with their business.

As I said before the best thing about my job is seeing the progress in the young people we work with, and I looking forward to seeing that happen again and again.

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Future Ambitions is for disabled residents of Hackney, Islington, Newham and Tower Hamlets aged 16-25 who aren’t currently in employment or education.

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