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O is for orgasm – #EndtheAwkward

Is your partner having a good time, or are they having a seizure? As Emily explains in this video, it can be an easy mistake to make. 

O is for orgasm is part of Scope’s A to Z of sex and disability.

Find out more about Emily. O is for orgasm is part of Scope’s A to Z of sex and disability. Read the rest of the A to Z.

2 thoughts on “O is for orgasm – #EndtheAwkward”

  1. First, I beg youir pardon for no had wrote.I sould get at the day very soon. Respect at my partner. Well, we break our sex relationship had been last time. Affortunatly is conserved the respect and no family destruccion.
    About the sex, before the marriage I had not any problems, in the marriage I had not too, except the shame. I’s my explain. For example if I see a woman that I like very much had my leg illness provoque in me shame, is really. After, when breah this moment I forget. In this time, really I’m always inside my home and no practique sex, is really.
    Is a lost activity and I need feel affect (minim) Really love. Is very starnge, never thought in it. Many preocupations. Directly I lost this activity. I so cimple by that. I don’t know…the pain, preocupations, no walk, no raltionship. Never had problems. Yes the shame by my leg.
    King regards.

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