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Q is for Questions

Enhance the UK’s Love Lounge, is a safe space on their website where people can ask questions related to sex, relationships and disability. Their two ‘non-expert sexperts’, writer Emily Yates and activist and media personality Mik Scarlet are ready to answer your questions – nothing is off-limits!

Q is for Questions is part of Scope’s A to Z of sex and disability.

Mik Scarlet and Emily Yates
Mik Scarlet and Emily Yates

They encourage questions not only from disabled people, but their partners and parents too. They want to encourage discussion on seemingly ‘taboo’ topics and create a caring sense of community.

To give you some ideas, here are a few they’ve had on the Love Lounge so far…

Q is for Questions is part of Scope’s A to Z of sex and disability.

3 thoughts on “Q is for Questions”

  1. Really , only I haven’t problem’s with the sex, except the asheme of my ilness leg in front of someone woman.After we have problem’s no relations and the dissability. Thje true is the the person, or in my case sure allways ralation your dissability with the great problems.After the image of someone person help to me. Is possible but the pain, is possible but sleep very much, is possible but I am not sesire, I don’t know. Today I haven’t relations, no suppose one problem for me.One problem, great probleam is Haven’t a loved person, perhaps and sex. But sex for itself, really in not a problem for me.
    Key regards.
    If you thinks different I recive your advice and happiness.

  2. My question would bé my son is 12 has really severe Cerebral Palsy and there have béen wet dreams i have tried to disscuss with my son masturbation etc but it turns out he has tried but the shaking and sudern jerking movements can result in pain im not sure what advice or how to discuss this with my son I have discreetly placed a box of tissues in his room.

    1. Hi Chris, I think our helpline team have emailed you – did you get it? Hopefully their answers were helpful.

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