Diary of a job hunter with cerebral palsy: job applications

Self-confessed ‘geek’ Jessica Talbott has three degrees in maths but, as yet, no job. In the first of a series of blogs about her search for work, 

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And if you’re disabled and looking for work, check out these great employment tips.

4 thoughts on “Diary of a job hunter with cerebral palsy: job applications”

  1. Their excuse would be, ‘she’s over qualified’ but we all know its due to ignorance on the employers part.

  2. It’s the same with all job searches especially Universal jobs match you type in search parameters and the search engine assumes all sorts, who would have thought that London was within 5 miles of Leeds as many jobs soon give an address down south and 9 times out of ten that is where the job is, not local at all and certainly not within 90 minutes of the home

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