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Disability Innovations: Sounds like an innovation in hearing aids

Disability Innovations is a blog series that gathers some of the most interesting new products and services that aim to make disabled people’s lives easier. We are having a tech fortnight to focus on technology, including guest bloggers, like Margie. We hope it will inspire more innovation in the disability field.

Margie is the Empowerment Officer at Scope and here she tells us about her favourite new piece of technology that makes hearing a more effortless experience for her.

How I found Resound Lynx2

Back in June of this year a friend bought to my attention the Resound Lynx 2 hearing aids that work through your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

I have to admit I’m a bit of an Apple fan so had to check this one out. Having worn NHS hearing aids since 2006 (which are free). I was somewhat shocked to find out that the cost for each hearing aid was £1600, but the private audiologist said I could try them for two weeks to see how I got on with them.

What are they like?

As soon as they were digitally tuned in to my particular needs, I was hooked. The clarity was amazing: using the app on your iPhone you have full control to suit your environment; you can reduce background interference such as air conditioning or wind: adjust tone for bass and treble; and control volume .

You can also produce settings for your own preference such as TV, music concerts and so on. Apart from all this when your phone rings it goes straight to your ears via Bluetooth linking- no more struggling to hear it ring! You can also use it to listen to your music, catch up on TV, films and any other sound though your apps and iPhone. Mind blowing!

Why I like them

I love them and they have made such a difference to my working life, hearing all that’s going on instead of missing all the gossip. It means life in general has a new clearer outlook. You can find out more at– it’s worth a try!

Have you tried this new equipment, or something similar by an alternative provider? If so we’d love to hear about it. Comment below or join our community to share your thoughts with others.

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